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I'm Will George a 22 year old Videographer and Photographer from Norwich. I have been creating content now for over 7 years and have worked with professional Ironman athletes such as Joe Skipper, worked with businesses such as Lotus, Half Cuts, Rossis Leisure and Treesteam. Along with producing content for Ginetta Junior Champion Race Team R Racing as well as shooting charity football events at Carrow Road.  While working with these businesses like Rossis I have managed their social media accounts, produced promotional content and help grow their presence on social media. 


  If you're interested in any of my work or getting in contact with me please feel free to email me on or message me on instagram @will.georgee


Creative Media Production Level 3 - City College Norwich: 2017 - 2019 

Grade: Distinction

Film and Moving Image Production - Norwich University of the Arts: 2019- 2022

Grade: First Class


'City College Norwich Creative Media Awards' - 2019. Best Overall Project

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